One of the most common complaints of Magento users is speed. Generally, people are utilizing Linux for development because it offers flexibility, customizability, complete access to control panel and provides all the necessary support. When a Magento website starts uploading products, provided with lots of contents and acquiring too many traffic, it tends to slow.

Now going back to the question, can Magento run on windows? Yes, Magento can run on Windows. Nevertheless, there are a lot of considerations to ensure your Magento site could run smoothly on Windows. Learn more about How to Sell Online

There are two perspectives for this question, both of which is answered with a big ‘yes’.

  • In a user’s perspective, or an online shopper for example, the website can be navigated and accessed on the Windows Operating System. It runs smoothly, and is completely functional for when you want to buy something from a Magento-based ecommerce store.
  • Then again, it should be noted that Magento’s themes also affect how it could be accessed. For example, there are Magento themes that are simply incompatible with Windows. If that is the case, then the shopping experience would certainly be so much better if you use a different operating system.
  • Technically, you can sell online through Magento running on a Windows web server. There are major differences and similarities between Linux and Windows, but Magento’s developers knew that, so they adjusted the platform to perform well in both systems.
  • Is there other option instead of Magento?

While Magento can run in Windows, there are also some points to remember before you decide on the operating system you need to maximize Magento’s potential.

  • If you have a very basic Magento ecommerce store whose profit depends on your products and not on your themes alone, Windows is fine. If however, you want to maximize third party apps and extensions, and you want to run your store on a Windows server, you will be required to use Bitnami. It will improve your system and make it more responsive in Windows.
  • Magento itself recommends its users to use Linux over Windows. Yes, you can make it work, but there could be compatibility issues that would not make it worth it.

Generally speaking, Windows servers can run Magento provided that all required software such as PHP and MySQL are present. You can surely run the platform, but you have to be ready for bugs and compatibility errors. If you are not really that savvy and passionate about technical troubleshooting, we suggest you do what Magento says, run it in Linux instead.

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