Considered as one of the most popular e-commerce platform, Magento offer multiple features designed to assist both the developers and the owners. But this platform is specifically intended for online entrepreneurs who have the desires to consistently develop their stores by enriching them with more products to meet the customers’ demands. The big question is, can Magento really handle millions of products?

To simply answer the question, yes. Magento is not called a powerhouse ecommerce platform for nothing. The fact that it even developed its own enterprise platform is a proof that it can handle that much amount of products per store.

Then again, you have to take note that while it can handle so many products, the performance can be sacrificed. There are complaints about Magento running slower than they thought it would, which is most commonly caused by too many products or too big product images.

How can you make Magento work with millions of products?

  • If you know you really have to upload that much in your catalog, go for Magento Enterprise Edition. That version is most suitable for stores with various product lines, and should be able to handle millions of items. After all, that is what it is designed for.
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  • Community Edition has limited number of categories as compared to the Enterprise Edition. EE will allow you to separate your products by store type, which will also make it easier for you to manage your millions of products.
  • Import your products into the database. Magento has an API import and Magento Dataflow, which can both be useful in uploading millions of products into the website. Can you imagine uploading them one by one? Not very feasible, and quite a waste of time.

So, yes, it is allowed. Yes, Magento can handle it, but beware of the fact that even its apps of importing products can be slow. We are talking not just about thousands, but millions of products. It is best to set your expectations to a minimum, and just go through the process.

Magento themes and its extensions make it worth the fuss. It might take some time before you finish importing all your products, but when you are done and have it all set up, when you start to sell online and sales come in, you’ll know it was well worth it.

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